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 Legion Rules

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PostSubject: Legion Rules   Legion Rules EmptyFri Apr 29, 2011 3:47 pm

1. Do not attack your fellow alliance members.

2. Share your recruitment bases and mines. Being in a legion means that you now act as a group, not as an individual. If there is a base that is not open to alliance mates, they may be attacked by other members of Sleeping Forest to open it.

3. Do not attack legions that are on our allies list. They are Scarface, OnceMoreElfsWil, and Revenge.

4. Generally speaking, swearing is allowed provided it is not a verbal attack at any specific member.

5. We do not discriminate against any ethnic group, gender, orientation, age, religion, nationality, etc. We are an open-minded legion and we wish to remain that way.

6. All members are required to donate 5 reputation to the legion within a week of joining. For those who do not know what reputation is, you can donate souls to the legion to give it reputation. 1000 level 1 souls gives 1 reputation, 2000 level 2 souls give 2 reputation, 3000 level 3 souls give 3 reputation, etc.

7. All members are required to join the forum.

8. Do not spam.

Welcome to our forum Smile
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Legion Rules
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